I Take Back My Pearl

Thursday, 20 October 2016 07:01

Taking Back My Pearl. 

You are empowered to take back your pearl In Jesus Name (Matt 13 44-46.); because, you walk in the spirit and it pleases God to bless His Children, particularly those who obey His will.

However, we need to be mindful of one key thing which will hinder this from being manifested in its fullest; it is the spirit of disunity.

I feel honoured and grateful though that, our choice as a Church is to present ourselves as vessels of honour in Christ in unity. See Ps 133:1-3 - Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. For it is at the point of unity that the Lord commands the blessing— Life forevermore.


I have an assurance that each one of us shall receive and enjoy blessings and life forever more Amen and amen

Try hard to pray these prayers in this new season:

  • My God and my Father...give me a heart of unity and love for your work
  • My God and my Father......support my feeble knee and my faint heart today in JN
  • My Father our Father ...take charge of my life oh God....shape my life to meet with the purpose you have for me in the body of Christ 
  • All that is well with me will not be bad for me...amen
  • My Father ...lead me to the place where I will find your pearl in the field in JN
  • And when I find it Lord, help me to discern how to sell all, and buy the field which has my Heavenly pearl; and teach me how to care for that field.
  • Let me wake up to a new and blessed landscape in line with your will for me oh my Father. Amen x 3 settled in JN Amen.
  • Crack open every sealed blessings for me.
  • Take away any form of disunity in home, my family or my church.
  • Wake me up to your "love" call oh Lord.
  • Fashion out the best garment of love and praise for me.
  • Turn my shame to honor.
  • Turn my sorrow to dancing. I will dance I must dance ...let dancing break out in my house from today ...celebration that has no end oh my Father.
  • Father, let your glory rise amongst us.
  • My Father , my Father  clothe me with your  godliness;
  • My Father, my Father, let me be a faithful servant, one that sings for joy and unity in Christ at all times.
  • Here in this month, increase your power upon me; for Your word tells me that I am your anointed one and I am a light for God's people, let this be my experience at all times
  • My Father clothe my enemies with shame according to your word Ps 132 17-18; and release their hearts into your will.
  • Let me be continuously transformed to the image of your dear Son My saviour, Jesus my Lord
  • Thank you Father for the release of  joy of divine growth in NCC Edmonton, in my family, in my career and upon my business.
  • Thank Father for giving me yet another opportunity  to dwell in love and in unity in Christ
  • Thank you Father for providing direction on How to take back my pearl
  • Thank you Father for providing power on how to take back my pearl
  • Thank you Father for securing my pearl and allowing me to take it back. 

 Take all the glory Oh Lord our Father and let all the benefits be ours in Jesus Name it is Settled. Amen.




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