Take The Lead

The World need leaders. People that will rise up inspite of the challenges that they are daily faced with and pull other people up.


Someone said ... the day a leader looks back and find no one following behind him, he is no longer a leader, and he has become a follower. Good piece. This is a disaster for such a leader, because such testimony brings to question his own ability to move his followers along. He has become irrelevant. A leader must always be coming up with ideas and means of implementation, be it at home, church or in the office. A leader must take a lead. A leader is described as that person who (1) builds up people, (2) to achieve goals. I love that definition. You cannot be a leader if you are not building and pushing the people following you to achieve goals. In the course of pushing you are also building, not bullying or else the leaders will lose focus by distractions and unnecessary internal bickering.  Imagine Jesus in his earthly ministry. He was the one who cast the vision (Luke 4:18-19), and did everything to ensure that his goals were achieved and finished (John 19:30). Jesus recruited men (his team, his disciples) that he knew would achieve his goals. The relationship between Jesus and Peter is a good one. He wanted Peter to take the lead (Matt 16:18) but he needed to build him as an all-rounder leader. Jesus came harder on Peter than any other, so that he may not divert his attention. (Matt 16:23).Jesus wanted total commitment, and Peter gave it to him...he said we have left all to follow you... (Matt 19:27). He said this without thinking; hence Jesus confirmed that their reward is both on earth and in heaven. (Matt 19:28 onwards) They started out as volunteers, but they ended up with crowns, thrones and riches untold. It was more of having the same people, with one vision and one commitment and passion. The world is the better for it. So as often times as possible, we need to take a good look at ourselves, and a long look at what we have achieved so far this year. In what ways have you achieved your set goals, in what ways have we touched people. Lets stop the bickering and the convenient lazy man’s excuses, proceed and take a lead. Build yourself and ask for help as may be necessary. Do things in order and share ideas. Don’t wait for anyone, you do it, you take a lead.



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