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Have you ever wondered how one lives a wonderful life. I mean a life of wonder. I believe that is what the Lord want us to experience this month. After having prayed and fasted for 40 weeks (every Wednesday at MOT), and then embarking on a SNOW journey…i.e. seven nights of wonders, it is not expected that one should live a normal or dull life any longer. I have great expectations that one can start to live a wonderful life:

I set here pathway to living a wonderful life:

Have Faith. Faith is rightly defined in Heb 11:1 as the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. A strong desire to bring to be, what seemed to be impossible. A number of examples in the bible speak volumes. In Mark 10:47 a previously blind man, cut through the odds of a teeming crowd and resistance to attract the attention of Jesus. Even though he could not see, he believed the possibility by his action. And he saw, and thereafter lived a wonderful life. Same thing with the 10 lepers in Luke 17:12. They overcame ostracism and traditions and got their healings. Jairus daughter(Mk 5:22) and the woman with the issue of the blood in verse 25 of the same passage all got their wonderful life by action and strong belief. See also Mk 7:24 the story of the Syro-phoenician woman.

So your location in life does not and should not limit your allocation in life.

Enjoy Grace: The second path to a wonderful life is by Grace. It takes grace for Christ to come to you in your sinful nature. It takes grace for Christ to find you worthy of being blessed when your back is against the wall and you are at your wit’s end. The widow of Nain (Luke 7:11-12) is one such people. Lost her husband and lost the only son that could provide for her. She was on the way to bury her last joy, and Christ showed up! Oh what a wonderful life she lived thereafter when her son was resurrected. Or should I mention the woman bent for 18 years(Lk 13:11). Satan had caused the destiny of this woman to be bent. But Christ came to meet her, cast down tradition and systems and said being bent does not mean being dent.She was loosed from her infirmity. The man in Mk 3:1-3 is an example of grace. Pure grace. A withered hand was restored. Be assured, your condition does not and cannot restrict the Conditioner.

Be in Service: The third path to a wonderful life is Service. Whatever your hand find to do, do it well. Ecc 9:10. Our service is always rewarded. Ex 23:25-27 show us a lot of benefits that come with serving God. He says he will bless our bread and butter. Those in service are always serviced by God.Job 36:11. Peter gave his boat to Christ to use, and in Luke 5, he got more than he bargained for. A sweaty lack suddenly became a ‘sweetie’ breakthrough. He began to live a wonderful life.

Ensure Sacrifice is another path to a wonderful life. Christianity requires a lot of sacrifice. Infact to be a great Christian and live a wonderful life you need to sacrifice brothers, sisters, friends, houses etc(Mk 10:29-30) Not easy I hear you say, but such sacrifice eases you to a wonderful life. See that little boy in John 6:8-13. He gave up his lunch, and guess what, he took home twelve baskets of food on the same day. He had a satisfaction of service, of being served, and also of being saved.The quantity is not evidence of the quality you get as a Christian.

Have a Fortuitous experience: This is another sure way that tends to come with association and relationship. In Mark 1:30 Peter took Jesus with him to his mother in law. She was down with fever. But you can’t take a Healer to your house and not experience a change. Jesus gave her healing she rose up and gave back a delicious meal. What a wonderful life to provide food for the Bread of heaven.

Give Support: a follow up on 5 above is support. Who you surround yourself with can determine the kind of life you live. In Mark 2, the paralytic man was brought to Jesus despite all odds, by his four friends. We sing what a friend we have in Jesus…but what friends these are. This man must also be a good friend. He who wants to have friends must himself be friendly.(Prov 18:24)  ). Friends are like elevators, some take you up and some bring you down. Thank God for the support Mary and Martha showed to Lazarus. Their relationship with Jesus was a life giving support. John 11. Some people also brought to Jesus, a man who was mute. In Mk 7:22. Jesus healed him. What a wonderful life.

Operate under an Anointed presence. Watch where you go. Being in the right place at the right time may be what you need to live a wonderful life. Always find places where His presence would bring presents to you. In Act 2, His presence came with fire. In Ps 16:11 we know that his presence bring pleasures for evermore. In Ps 16:6 lines fall for us in pleasant places. In Act 16:25 worship brought an earthquake moving presence. Wonderful life comes with wonderful presence. Don’t stand in the path of the sinners. Ps 1:1

Finally, Acceptance. An important condition precedent. Accept Him as your Lord and personal saviour. Mt 6:33 seek Him first and all wonderful things shall be added. Zacchaeus did this in Luke 19:4-5. He waited on His path, climbed up the tree and attracted his attention. Jesus went with him to his house. Zacchaeus defied all limitations, to meet with expectations of Christ. What are you waiting for today, tomorrow may be too late. Accept him and live wonderful life.

Enjoy a wonderful life 

‘Pastor Tayo Arowojolu

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