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Covenant Generation also known as Cov-Gen is a dedicated group within New Covenant Church Edmonton focused on the development of young adults in their spiritual, personal and socio-economic lives.

We hold bible group discussions on different aspects of life, allowing people to share their views, challenges and experiences of being Christians as well as the relevance of scriptural teachings in current times.  This session is call GIST Expressions (GIST stands for Growing In Spirit and Truth) which takes place every last Wednesday of the month.

We also hold our own Quintessential Service on the last Sunday of each month where our young adults take total ownership of the day from the opening prayer to the word.


These two events embody what Cov-Gen aim to achieve with young adults not just within our church but society as a whole.

We welcome all people from all walks of life to join us on this journey of empowerment.


God bless you.